Why do people who need income, often times avoid annuities?

Don’t let an Urban Legend or a myth stand in the way of creating safety and guaranteed retirement income, if that’s what you want. Do you remember the stories about Halloween candy being poisoned or tampered with 30 years ago. Razor blades in apples. Booby trapped candy. It sent panic into parents nationwide. It completely […]

Retirement Income for people who don’t have a big pension

It used to be back in the “Good Ol Days” that you worked for a company for 40 years, then you retired. They threw you a party,  you got some cake, a gold watch and … A PENSION. Talk about security. Every month you walk out to the mailbox and there’s a check. Unfortunately, that’s […]

How Do You Know If You Have Enough Money To Retire?

This a great question. A Common question. A question that keeps people up at night. And, I’d like to rephrase it to……. “Will your Social Security or Pension be enough to pay all your bills during retirement, OR will you need more income than that?”   If Social Security or Pension are enough, then you […]