Create your own Personal Pension with a “Paycheck For Life.”

How to fund your expenses in retirement without worrying about running out of money.

The main reason why people save for retirement is so they can SPEND & CONSUME their money later in life.

The problem is, most IRA and 401k plans only offer growth options. (And with that comes risk)

If you want to be 100% certain that, no matter how bad the economy gets, or what happens in the stock market. YOU KEEP GETTING YOUR RETIREMENT INCOME, month after month and year after year, you will need to re-position some IRA or 401k money, away from your current plan, and into an Income Producing Account.

One answer might be to create a Paycheck For Life using a Hybrid Annuity. (But you will need to spend a few minutes learning about them to see if it would fit)

We made it easy to learn more:

  1. Watch this brief video. It’s 8 minutes long, and will explain step by step how these programs work.
  2. To see some numbers based on your situation, scroll down and fill in the form below.
  3. If you’d like to talk to someone, call 847-376-8400. We promise there is no pressure or hard nosed sales. Just an opportunity to learn what your options are.

It’s safe and easy to get a Paycheck For Life Illustration. Just fill in the form below and you’ll be able to find out what your Paycheck For Life could look like.

Or, if you would rather chat for a few minutes and ask some questions, just call 847-376-8400. There will be no pressure or hard nosed selling. We promise.
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