New Hybrid Annuity has more upside potential, while still protecting downside


If you had a choice between these two blackjack games which one would you play.


GAME 1: You win 100% of your bet if your cards are good, or you lose 100% of your bet if your cards stink.

GAME 2: You win 75% of your bet if your cards are good, but if you lose the hand, you don’t lose any money.

Which game would you play?

I would play game #2 all day long.

I never lose money if my cards stink, and if my cards are good I win 75% of my bet. Who wouldn’t play that?

Keep reading and this analogy will make sense.

Question: Are there any Hybrid Annuities that don’t have a cap on my earnings?

Answer: Yes

With the market doing so well the past few years, there are pre-retirees everywhere, that deep down, know the party will end sometime, but it’s tough to get out and put money someplace else because interest rates are low and maybe the market will keep on rising.

It’s like the gambler on a winning streak. You know you should pocket some winnings or walk away, but dang, the drinks are free and I’m on a hot streak.

If that’s you, this new Hybrid Annuity might be worth taking  a look at.

You can continue to have decent upside potential (75% of the market gains) and protect your money from losses at the same time.

It just got approved in Illinois this past week.

  • There is no cap on your growth
  • You get a pretty big percentage of market gains in up years
  • Your principal is guaranteed against loss if the market crashes

photo 1

Keeping it simple. You get 75% of the gains of the S&P 500. They lock in your gains every 2 years automatically. There’s a 1.5% fee.

Are you willing to give up a little upside, for never having to worry about market crashes wiping out your account again.

In addition to the S&P 500, there are also two other options.

photo 2

You get 90% of the Barclay’s Index with no cap.(Minus 1.5% fee)

You get 81% of the Global Blend. Also with no cap. (Minus the 1.5% Fee)

So the growth potential is there. If that Barclay’s index goes up 15% that means you are up 12%.

So here’s a way to get decent upside if the market keeps going up, and protect your downside if it crashes.

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There’s no pressure. There’s no catch, and I even have a no pressure, no waste your time guarantee.

If you’d like to chat about this new Hybrid Annuity for a few minutes, or ask me any other questions about how we provide the guaranteed part of your portfolio, you can schedule a time right here.

Or just reply to this email if you want more details.

I try to keep things really simple in my blogs. I like simple. I’m not a big fan of all this legal mumbo jumbo that makes things confusing as heck to understand, but I guess that’s the world we live in.

Of course there is fine print. Of course there are some fees and limitations involved. I don’t hide any of that stuff. I practice full disclosure with my clients. So if you want more details, I’m happy to send you the disclaimers, product brochures and whatever you’d like to read.

Disclaimer: Rates are subject to change. Full details are included in the product brochure and statement of understanding. The photos are screen shots from the rate brochure. Please read the appropriate information before buying an annuity.This is meant for educational purposes only and is in no way investment advice. Please consult the proper tax, legal or investment advice before making any decisions. Carl Ostenson is insurance licensed only.

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