New way to get Long Term Care protection…(might not seem like you’re wasting money.)

So… let’s talk about a NEW way to get Long Term Care Protection. What the biggest problem people have with Long Term Care Insurance? “It’s too expensive” “If I never use it I wasted all that money on premiums” “If it happens to me just take me out back and shoot me.” “My kids will […]

Why does household retirement income drop 42% when a spouse dies… on average


Imagine you finally retire, and everything is going great. You and your wife (or husband if you are a lady) get to do that traveling you kept putting off. You get to spoil the grand-kids. And then BOOM. You have a heart attack on the golf course at age 72. Dead. What happens to your […]

Facebook: Hybrid Annuity Guide

Should you put money into a Hybrid Index Annuity…. or not? Can a Hybrid Annuity help you set up your own personal pension? Are you a baby boomer or pre-retiree and you keep hearing that you need to put some money into a Hybrid Annuity, but you have no idea if this really a good […]

The 3 Money Buckets

Yellow Green Red Example

YELLOW MONEY This is your safe and liquid money. People use it for short term needs and to pay bills Typically bank accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts and money market accounts They don’t pay a lot of interest, but that’s OK because their job is to be safe and liquid. RED MONEY This is your […]

How to Maximize your RMD

In this video we look at a way to Maximize your RMD (Required minimum Distribution

RMD Basics: Required Minimum Distributions (and a neat idea)

In this video we cover some of the basics of RMD’s and go through a neat idea.

New Hybrid Annuity has more upside potential, while still protecting downside

photo 1

If you had a choice between these two blackjack games which one would you play.   GAME 1: You win 100% of your bet if your cards are good, or you lose 100% of your bet if your cards stink. GAME 2: You win 75% of your bet if your cards are good, but if […]

What’s a Black Swan event and why should you care?


What’s a Black Swan event? A long time ago, it was just assumed that all swans were white because every recorded swan had white feathers. So black swans were presumed not to exist at all. If even just one black swan were ever sighted it would undo the whole logic of this thought. The phrase […]

The Top Questions People Ask Me About Opening a 3.5% Fixed Annuity Account

There’s a lot of interest in the 3.5% Fixed Annuity offer which expires 12-12-13. Many people have never purchased an annuity, and even though the 3.5% sounds appealing, they are hesitant and have questions. Questions cause you to sit on the fence and not do anything. So I wanted to write up the most common […]