Index Funds vs Professional Money Managers… and Required Minimum Distributions the year you turn 70 1/2.


The Wall Street game is rigged against the everyday person. That’s what these experts say over and over again. People like Warren Buffett, John Bogle, and many of the best of the best money managers. Most also say that index funds are the way to go.   Much lower fees ( The average actively managed […]

Why do people who need income, often times avoid annuities?

Don’t let an Urban Legend or a myth stand in the way of creating safety and guaranteed retirement income, if that’s what you want. Do you remember the stories about Halloween candy being poisoned or tampered with 30 years ago. Razor blades in apples. Booby trapped candy. It sent panic into parents nationwide. It completely […]

Retirement Income for people who don’t have a big pension

It used to be back in the “Good Ol Days” that you worked for a company for 40 years, then you retired. They threw you a party,  you got some cake, a gold watch and … A PENSION. Talk about security. Every month you walk out to the mailbox and there’s a check. Unfortunately, that’s […]

What will happen to your wife’s retirement income if you die early?

Gee. There’s an exciting fun topic to talk about, right? Put that right up their with Ebola and ISIS as fun dinner conversation. Unfortunately death happens to everyone. This post talks about what the impact will be on the surviving wife’s income if the husband dies early. I’m, writing this from the perspective of the […]

How a 62 Year Old Substitute Math Teacher Used a Hybrid Annuity to Set Up His Own Personal Pension

Get the “Personal Pension” Toolkit and the Definitive guide To Hybrid Annuities. John was a substitute math teacher who loved jelly donuts. (long story). His wife’s name is Dagny. He wasn’t always a math teacher. He worked at a large electronics company for a long time, but back 7 years ago when he was […]

New way to get Long Term Care protection…(might not seem like you’re wasting money.)

So… let’s talk about a NEW way to get Long Term Care Protection. What the biggest problem people have with Long Term Care Insurance? “It’s too expensive” “If I never use it I wasted all that money on premiums” “If it happens to me just take me out back and shoot me.” “My kids will […]

Why does household retirement income drop 42% when a spouse dies… on average


Imagine you finally retire, and everything is going great. You and your wife (or husband if you are a lady) get to do that traveling you kept putting off. You get to spoil the grand-kids. And then BOOM. You have a heart attack on the golf course at age 72. Dead. What happens to your […]

Random Thoughts From A Former Stockbroker


A rising tide lifts all boats. It’s not until the tide goes out that you realize who’s swimming naked.” Warren Buffett There are 2 big reasons why I gave up my securities license back in 2005 to focus on income planning and annuities. The first was, after I lost everything and my clients got destroyed […]

Beat the bank…lock in 3.15% interest


Today’s date is 6-13-16. Rates are subject to change at any time. Interest rates are still pathetic. Bank cds are still really low and even fixed annuities have been pretty low for a while. So when I saw this offer come across my desk I had to let you know. Fidelity and Guaranty Life Insurance. […]

Facebook: Hybrid Annuity Guide

Should you put money into a Hybrid Index Annuity…. or not? Can a Hybrid Annuity help you set up your own personal pension? Are you a baby boomer or pre-retiree and you keep hearing that you need to put some money into a Hybrid Annuity, but you have no idea if this really a good […]