The 3 Money Buckets

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YELLOW MONEY This is your safe and liquid money. People use it for short term needs and to pay bills Typically bank accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts and money market accounts They don’t pay a lot of interest, but that’s OK because their job is to be safe and liquid. RED MONEY This is your […]

How to Maximize your RMD

In this video we look at a way to Maximize your RMD (Required minimum Distribution

RMD Basics: Required Minimum Distributions (and a neat idea)

In this video we cover some of the basics of RMD’s and go through a neat idea.

2 Big Problems With Most Income Plans… and Steps To Fix Them

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It took you 35 years of hard work to save up all this money for retirement. Soon you will need income from these accounts to supplement your Social Security or your pension. If you are married and both age 65 there’s over a 50% chance one of you will live into your 90’s. 10,000 people […]

How much does the IRS typically tax IRA’s when you take out funds?

So how much does Uncle Sam get when you start taking some money out of your IRA or 401k accounts? Keep It Simple Answer: In general, for a Traditional IRA or 401k, the withdrawals are taxed at your ordinary income tax rate. This is how it is for the 80% of you reading this that […]

3 Tips To Save Money On Medicare Supplement Insurance

If you have any questions, feel free to schedule a phone appointment on my calendar here. Let’s look at 3 Tips To Save Money On Your Medicare Supplement Insurance TIP 1: F is F and G is G. The plans are all standardized by the government so an F plan from one company is […]

What are the gifting limits 2014?


QUESTION: I want to give some money to my daughter to help her out right now. How can I do that and make sure there are no tax issues? ANSWER: There are gifting limits. As long as you stay within those limits every body is fine. DISCLAIMER: Carl Ostenson is not a tax advisor. This […]

How safe are annuities?

You may be wondering “How safe are annuities?” Keep It Simple Answer: Historically Fixed Annuities have been some of the safest places on the planet to keep your money. Let’s dive into this one a little bit more. Let’s look at the 4 main types of annuities. 1)      Immediate Annuities 2)      Fixed Annuities 3)      Indexed […]

How are annuities taxed?

How are annuities taxed? Disclaimer: I am not a tax adviser. Please consult with your tax adviser before investing or making any changes. This post is for educational purposes only. Keep It Simple Answer: Annuities are tax deferred until you withdraw money. Withdrawals are taxed at ordinary income tax rates when you withdraw the money. […]

What’s the difference between an index annuity and a hybrid annuity?


What’s the difference between an index annuity and a hybrid annuity? Keep It simple Answer: They are the same thing but a hybrid annuity means you added on an income rider An index annuity is a type of fixed annuity. Instead of earning a fixed rate of interest, you link your interest to a market […]