About Carl Ostenson : The IRA Protector

Carl OstensoCarl_Color-151x197n helps people set up the guaranteed portion of their portfolio.

Every recommendation comes from the mindset of “How can we address your concern or fix your problem with as much safety and guarantees as possible.”

He follows one of Warren Buffets rules. Rule #1: Don’t lose money. Rule #2: Don’t forget Rule #1.

He started his career as a retail stockbroker in 1994. Talk about a roller coaster ride. That was great for awhile but after the tech bubble crashed in 2002, he realized that for people nearing retirement, Mutual Funds and the stock market are the wrong places to be if you want safety and income.

If most people deep down, really just want security and dependable income from their retirement money, why in the heck is the bulk of their money in mutual funds and stocks? (Especially for people over 60)

Since 2003 Carl has helped his clients secure their money and make sure they get income that will last. Maybe he can do the same for you.

In his free time he is a Varsity Softball coach at Niles North High School in Skokie. He also enjoys eating really good food and all kinds of music.

One thing he personally hates is any kind of pressure from salespeople.

So his biggest promise to you is, there is never any pressure if you talk to him or get his email updates. Some people need his help and wind up doing business with him, and some don’t, and that’s ok.


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Video: Vinay Awati, Hoffman Estates IL.

The point of retirement is not running out of money. And I’m fine. I know I’m not going to run out of money. And I thank you for that.

Allen, Wheeling IL


Hi Carl, I feel very comfortable talking to you on the phone or in person. You are personable, trustworthy and knowledgeable. I also feel comfortable being able to recommend you to my friends.

I like safety and not having to worry about market fluctuations and over the past 4 years you have helped me to achieve a higher rate of return on my investments, especially getting rid of those low paying cds.  I trust you and I think you are wonderful person and I have no problems giving you my business.

Larry R. Des Plaines IL.


I am very happy to have chosen Carl Ostenson to manage my retirement planning. Though I attended many retirement seminars, I was never satisfied with the information provided, and the programs offered little guidance. However, whey I went to Carl’s seminar, I immediately felt it was right for me.

Carl, struck me as an honest, knowledgeable person. Once I chose to work with him, I found him to be very helpful. For example, I one time had a question on my annual statement, and he took the time to come to my house and explain it to me.

I feel comfortable with the annuity program, because I can not take chances with losing money at this stage in my life. And with annuities, I am guaranteed not to lose any of my principal investment. His program provides a steady stream of monthly income for me and I feel confident I will not run out of money if everything goes right. The program not only provides a secure income for me, but for my wife and for my heirs as well.I give Carl Ostenson my full recommendation to others planning their retirement.”

Helmut Betcher, Niles IL

FOLLOW UP from Helmut’s wife

My husband and I have been clients of Carl’s for many years. He has always taken the time to sit down and explain out investment portfolio.

Now that I am widowed, I rely on Carl for advice. He communicates with me by phone and his simple and direct newsletters. I can always call Carl to ask questions and discuss my investment status.

He has a great client-investor repoire and my best interest at heart. I hope to continue a ling relationship with him.

Anna Betcher, Niles IL


Carl, in answer to your request about our experience with you, I can say that it has been a very good relationship and what you said should happen-did.

Our plan was to safeguard our investment, see it grow and at some point in time, begin to receive a monthly income to supplement our employment income. We were not ready to retire at the time you formulated our plan but went forward with it. Our investments with your annuity program have not lost value over the past three years. It has increased in value by over 5.5% per year and this includes receiving some withdrawals that by law I had to take.

In contrast, Lynn’s 401k investments at her work are growing at 5-5.25% per year, so we feel satisfied with the original plan you set up for us. I am sure that when both Lynn and I fully retire in one or two years, that the plan will be able to provide us with a sufficient stream of income to maintain our life and way of living.

I am sorry we did not start a plan like this several years earlier. I believe we would have been far ahead of where we are now and would not have lost so much in the stock market decline that happened a few years ago, and reduced our investment by over 30%.

Please feel free to use this letter or if you need additional info, please call me by phone or by email.”

Mike Nerzig, Mt. Prospect IL